Our unique program consists of designing  a tailored treatment to your specific physical, mental and emotional need to support your body during IVF/IUI treatments.  We understand that these procedures can be draining physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  Our program consists of acupuncture (inclucding pre and post IVF/IUI transfer), nutritional support, herbal prescription (when needed), and a specialized fertility massage to promote circulation of freshly oxygenated, nutrient dense blood to the reproductive organs as well as a specialized qi gong breathing and relaxation and negative emotional release.    We are keen on working with your Reproductive Endocrinologist  to ensure the best outcome of your IVF/IUI procedure.

We understand the financial burden that comes with these procedures, that is why we offer FREE Consultation.   We are looking forward to taking part of your fertility journey and will go extra mile to make it an amazing journey.

“When the soil is well prepared, the harvest will be bountiful” Chinese Proverb

Be hopeful: Dreams do come true