Advanced Synergy Acufacial

We are Proud to be the FIRST and ONLY Clinic in Mississauga to offer this unique anti-aging facial Rejuvenation technique developed by Dr. Croom, who treats world-renowned celebrities and supermodels in New York City.  This Technique combines well kept beauty secrets from Traditional Chinese Medicine  and  the edge-breaking technology of  light therapy.

Your One hour  session consists of: application of either needle or non-needle facial techniques, light therapy, microcurrent stimulation with hydrogel masks,  natural customized lifting serum and repair cream, and a gentle guasha and cupping massage leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated and looking younger..

 The Advanced Synergy Acufacial  is a far less invasive procedure then surgery and the risks and injuries are minimal. It is a safe and holistic treatment that treats skin conditions as well identify any pathological underlying problems of premature aging at the cellular level. You have not experienced a cosmetic facial like this before.  Book your session Today and start looking radiant and healthier.


REACH YOUR OPTIMUN HEALTH…. live Pain Free . improve your body’s organ functions NATURALLY

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