Mizan Reproductive Massage

Specialized Fertility Massage

Mizan (which means balance in Arabic)  Reproductive Massage is a form of traditional therapeutic modality that helps the reproductive, digestive and nervous systems.  it is a gentle non-invasive, external massage of the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. This guides misplaced reproductive organs back into their place, allowing a fresher, oxygenated and nutrient dense blood circulation in the area as well as lymphatic drainage.
Mizan Reproductive Massage you will not only enjoy a relaxing, transformative massage, but you will learn about self-care which includes but not limited to: self-care massage, vaginal herbal steams, qi gong breathing and emotional relaxation techniques.
Mizan Reproductive Massage is used for treatment of Fertility, post-partum care, dysmenorrhea, irregular periods, PCOS ect. Call us to see if Mizan can help your condition

Conditions We Treat

Mizan is an effective treatment, healing on physical, emotional and even spiritual levels.

Symptoms that can be helped with Mizan Reproductive  Therapy

Displaced or prolapsed uterus and/or bladder

Painful menstrual cycles

Irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation

Bladder or yeast infections

Miscarriages, difficult pregnancies


Perimenopause, menopausal symptoms

Fertility problems

Ovarian cysts

Uterine fibroids Abnormal uterine bleeding

Pelvic congestion, pain

Headaches and migraines

Digestive problems



Low energy

Crohn’s Disease

Chronic constipation

Low back ache

Chronic indigestion or heartburn


Restricted breathing due to tension





If you would like to know how massage  can help your condition.  or book your reproductive health massage Session


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